About Living Patriot

We know you love America and her many flags, and so do we. That’s why we've created the Living Patriot PRISM: The first crystal-clear, illuminated flag display system with personalized laser engraved logos and text.

HONOR YOUR FALLEN HERO with a SPIRIT PRISM by illuminating their Interment flag all day and all night.

BOLDLY SHARE YOUR PATRIOTISM with our Signature Collection of PRISMS for American, Thin Blue Line, Thin Red Line, and Gadsden flags.

Each PRISM includes an integrated super bright LED base and a snap-on magnetic lid.

Proudly designed, precision machined, and hand-assembled in America's heartland.

Our Signature Collections

Spirit and Freedom Prisms

The Spirit Prism is majestic and elegant and sized for 5'x9.5' Interment flags. Bold and classy, our Freedom Prisms are sized for 5'x8', 3'x5', 2'x3', and 16"x24" flags.

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Thin Blue Line Prisms

Show your pride and respect for law enforcement with our Thin Blue Line Prisms. Available for 3'x5' and 2'x3' flags. Each size includes powderless 9mm cartridges.

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Thin Red Line Prisms

Share the love for your firefighters and EMTs, who are always there when you need them, with our Thin Red Line Prisms. Available for 3'x5' and 2'x3' flags.

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Defender Prisms

Display your love for freedom and liberty with these Defender Prisms. Available for 3'x5' and 2'x3' flags. Each size includes powderless .223 cartridges.

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Additional Prism Lids

Additional magnetic lids are available for all Prism sizes if you want more than one to change up the message. They easily snap on and off.

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9/11 Glowing Tribute

Show your reverence and resolve with our 9/11 Glowing Tribute. The names of the 9/11 victims are laser engraved into layers of acrylic, and "NEVER FORGET" is engraved on the black base. 

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Display Your Patriotism. Makes A Perfect Gift!

ONE style and size for Interment burial flags at 5'x9.5'.
FOUR styles and sizes for 5’x8’, 3’x5’, 2’x3', and 16”x24” flags.


PERSONALIZE the snap-on magnetic lid with LASER ENGRAVED LOGOS and TEXT for mission flags, change of command, graduations, retirement, Scouting, 4-H, and more.

ILLUMINATE and display year round on mantles, bookshelves, desks, window sills, and coffee tables.

POWERFUL LED lights last for years. Includes power supply and 9' extension cord.


Finally got my grandfathers flag displayed the way it should be! Thanks @livingpatriot for such great customer service! #ww2 #generalgeorgepatton #battleofthebulge

M Jolly

Officer Bowen introduced K-9 Officer Rolf to children participating in Safety Town. Bowen and Rolf are one of two police K-9 units in the St. Louis community.


If you're looking for a unique gift these are incredible keepsakes. I bought a 9/11 tribute for my office, and a Blue Line Prism for a fellow officer who was injured. You won’t be disappointed!

R Wagner

Personalize Your Prism

STEP 1: Select a logo from the pull down menu

STEP 2: Add up to three lines of text

STEP 3: Add to your cart and that's it!

HAVE YOUR OWN LOGO? Send us a message on the Contact Us page so we can connect and get you a layout and quote. The fee ranges depending on the quality and format of your artwork. (B/W vector art is best.) Minimum fee is $75.

Sample Laser Engraved Lids

The logo and text your choose will be laser engraved onto the lid, which will catch light from the LED base, making the engraving appear to float in front of your flag.

Flags We Offer

Our American, Thin Blue Line, and Thin Red Line flags are nylon with sewn stripes and embroidered stars. Our Besty Ross flag is cotton, our 16" x 24" flag is printed poly, and our Gadsden flags are printed poly with a layer of felt folded inside for increased stability.

IMPORTANT NOTE IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A FLAG: Be sure to check our Product Specification diagrams to see the maximum thicknesses of folded flags that fit our Prisms. BE SURE your folded flag does NOT exceed these thicknesses. Spun-poly and cotton flags are thicker, so you may need a Freedom 58 THICK, Freedom 35 THICK, or Freedom 23 THICK Prism.

Flags purchased from us are ironed on the areas that are visible when folded, and will arrive folded in the Prism. We specially fold our The Thin Blue Line and Thin Red Line flags to show a black, white, and either blue or red stripe, and at least one star.

Product Specifications

Click to view larger diagrams with dimensions of Prisms and flags, maximum flag thickness for each Prism, and shipping box sizes and weights.

Our Story

Not too long ago, I received a 3'x5' mission flag that had flown over a battlefield on the 5th anniversary of September 11, 2001.

This heartfelt gift brought the American flag to life for me in a whole new way. But to me, such a symbol of freedom didn’t belong in a dark wood box.

"That midnight at my studio I liberated my flag from its wood box allowing it to float freely, surrounded by light."

By dawn I had returned home with my flag, now visible from all sizes, inside a clear display. I called my display a PRISM because of its shape, transparency, reflections, and refractions.

As others wanted Prisms of their own, I was inspired to offer them the same experience I had. My wife and I then started Living Patriot. — Donald Fedorko.

Are You a Patriot?

By definition a PATRIOT is a person who LOVES, SUPPORTS, and DEFENDS, his or her country, and its interests, with devotion.

Parents, like patriots, LOVE, SUPPORT, and DEFEND their children with devotion. So, as children are our most precious gift, so is our great country to its citizens.

America is fortunate to have millions of devoted LIVING PATRIOTS who LOVE, SUPPORT, and DEFEND her every day. This includes our veterans, first responders and their families, and millions of American citizens.