Personalized, crystal-clear, illuminated, flag display cases.

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Introducing the Living Patriot ™ Prism

Crystal-clear, illuminated cases allow your flags to be displayed from all sides.

Personalize your Prism lid with laser engraved logos, phrases, and names.

Fits standard flag sizes of 5’x8’, 4’x6’, 3’x5’, 2’x3’, 16”x24”, and our special Living Patriot Spirit Prism for 5’x9.5’ interment flags.

Display on mantles, bookshelves, desks, window sills, and coffee tables.

Magnetic lid allows quick and easy access to your flag.

Call for details for custom group orders.

Our Story

How it all got started

A few years ago my marine Corps colonel brother-in-law handed me a triangular-shaped cardboard box. Inside was a perfectly folded 3′x5′ American flag inside a maple box. But this was no ordinary flag. This flag had flown over a battlefield on the 5th anniversary of September 11, 2001, and included a certificate of authenticity.

I was flooded with emotion and gratitude. This one-of-a-kind gift brought the American flag to life for me in a whole new way. But something wasn’t right. My American flag that represents freedom and liberty was confined to a dark, wooden box. I had to liberate this flag.

I went to my design studio at midnight, and at dawn I returned home with what you see here: A transparent flag display case that allows the flag to be viewed from all sides, The focus is on the flag and not the case. It radiates freedom, confidence, and pride. I called it a PRISM because of its shape, transparency, reflections, and refractions.

Living Patriot is born

Being so personal and precious, I locked my Prism in my fire safe for two years, but was asked to make more for others who wanted to express their patriotism in the same way. As a product line and veteran initiative developed, my wife and I founded Living Patriot, LLC.

What is a patriot?

By definition, a PATRIOT is a person who LOVES, SUPPORTS, and DEFENDS, his or her country, and its interests, with devotion.

Parents are like patriots in that their children need to be LOVED, SUPPORTED, and DEFENDED, with devotion. So, as children are our most precious gift, so is our great country to its citizens.

America is fortunate that our LIVING PATRIOTS continue to LOVE, SUPPORT, and DEFEND her. This includes our veterans, first responders, and their families, and every patriotic American citizen.

Our 5 Point Pledge

Our dedicated team has created a way for us to give back to those who protect and serve. Everyone who purchases a Prism supports our 5 Point Pledge by:

HONORING our heroes with Living Patriot “Thank You” coins

EMPLOYING wounded veterans and adults with disabilities

DONATING a portion of our proceeds to The Living Patriot Foundation

INSPIRING youth groups to cherish America, and by

EDUCATING students through annual scholarships

We’re in the business of giving back.

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