Our History

The World’s Symbol of Freedom

A few years ago my brother-in-law, a Marine Corps Colonel, quietly handed me a triangle-shaped cardboard box. Inside was a perfectly folded 3′x5′ American flag inside a maple box. But this was no ordinary flag. This flag had flown over Camp Fallujah on the 5th anniversary of September 11, 2001 and was accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

I was flooded with emotion and gratitude. This precious, one of a kind gift brought the American flag to life for me in a whole new way that evening. While placing the folded flag back into the maple box, something wasn’t right. My American flag that represents freedom and liberty was confined to dark, wooden box. I had to liberate this flag.

Liberating the flag

As a designer, I went straight to my studio. It was dawn when I emerged with what you see here: a transparent display case that allows the flag to be seen from all sides, not just the front. It radiated freedom, confidence and pride. I called it a Prism because of its clarity, strength and precision.

Living Patriot is born

Being so precious to me, I locked my Prism in my fire safe but was soon asked to make more. At first, I wasn’t keen on selling them, and certainly didn’t want to be mistaken for exploiting my reverence for the flag, but then I realized others may want to express their love for their flag in the same way. Since I had the means to create these glowing gems, I formed a team of dedicated patriots and founded Living Patriot, LLC.

What is a patriot?

At that time, the notion of challenging one’s “patriotism” was headline news, so I asked myself, “What is a patriot?” So I looked up the definition out of curiosity and it is simple, yet profound: A PATRIOT is a person who loves, supports and defends his or her country and its interests with devotion. Crystal clear.

As the father of four beautiful children, I compared a patriot’s love for country with that of a parent’s love for a child. A child is precious and needs to be loved, supported and defended with devotion. So, as children are our most precious gift, so is our great country to its citizens.

We are very fortunate that our LIVING PATRIOTS continue to love, support and defend our country. This includes our military, first responders, their families and so many others.